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AVENTURIX produces music of various genres, sound design creations, sound effects and sound atmospheres for films, video games and theater projects, radio plays, bands and free music projects, as well as for public and private events. This is either completely freestyle or tailor-made on customer request - also experimentally or exploratively in new areas. The entire range of modern creation and processing options is integrated in the own music studio, from analog to digital recording processes with the most modern arrangement and composition tools. Recording sessions are made in his own studio or in the area of field recording. Moreover, sounds and recordings or samples from a huge collection of sound libraries and virtual instruments (VSTs), hardware and software synthesizers, plugins, sound design tools and sound libraries are integrated in most creative development processes. Combined with thirty years of musical experience as a pianist, keyboarder, guitarist, songwriter and singer in a wide variety of bands and fields of activity, and with the know-how of a professional actor and voice actor, the following conclusion is quite obvious. AVENTURIX is like music, like sound itself: limitless in countless possibilities. It is a brand and a project at the same time and can be defined by eight characteristics that are continuously incorporated into all projects:

Versatility        Creativity        Sensitivity        Spontaneity        Flexibility

Talent for improvisation       Intuitive & quick implementation

These properties enable a timely and high-quality implementation of customer wishes and expectations, as well as their rapid detection in advance and often even exceeding them - at least that is always the objective.

After many years of musical experience, Steffen Schlösser founded the brand or/and project "AVENTURIX" in 2010 and in 2020 incorporated it into his newly founded umbrella brand STEVIES CREATIVE ARTS, which unites all of his creative fields of activity (Stevie being his nickname in artist and friend circles). AVENTURIX stands for high quality audioproduction in the B2B sector. The playlists in the MUSIC category give an impression of the musical range and tonal variety of AVENTURIX. Details on the AVENTURIX project and the background to its name and meaning can be found below.

Pianist Steffen Schloesser
Pianist view
Studio shot 1
Steffen working
Studio shot 2



[More information on projects and references can be found in a list of selected projects .]


  • Production of soundtracks and sound effects for video games.

  • Foundation of the STEVIES CREATIVE ARTS umbrella brand

  • Live musicians at festive occasions, including public parties and celebrations, as well as private parties such as weddings or anniversaries

  • Composition and production of own soundtracks in the music studio


  • Live musicians at festive occasions, including public parties and celebrations, as well as private parties such as weddings or anniversaries

  • Composition and production of own soundtracks in the music studio


  • One-man-band project, appearances as a singer, pianist, guitarist, percussionist, EDM arranger. Combining live music with real instruments (guitar, piano, vocals, percussions) with electronic beat and synthesis sound generators combined with loop stations and virtual instruments. All of this live as a one-man band.

  • Complete setting of a radio play, composition, recording and speaker

  • Appearances as a guitarist and singer for promotional shows


  • Appearances as guitarist and singer for numerous promotional tours and shows

  • Singer and actor in "The Three Tenors" at the Contrakreis-Theater Bonn

  • Singer and actor at the Spreewälder Sagennacht, summer theater


  • Singer and actor in "The Three Tenors" at the Contrakreis-Theater Bonn

  • Pianist, singer and actor for various theater projects

  • Composing & recording for free film projects

  • Composing & recording for short film projects at ISFF Berlin

  • Performances as a pianist, singer and guitarist at live events (festivals & program evenings)

  • Own songs


  • Compositions & recording for several productions on the theater stage
    of the Mecklenburg State Theater Parchim

  • Live musicians and actors at the Mecklenburg State Theater Parchim

  • Film music composition & recording for Norman Schenk, film producer Berlin

  • Pianist at the Berlin café-bar "Friedrichs106"

2009 - 2012

  • Foundation of the AVENTURIX project (previously known as MUSINUS)

  • Pianist & guitarist for numerous productions at the European Theater Institute Berlin

  • Pianist with theater improvisation group “Improküche”

  • Pianist at weddings and private occasions

  • Songwriting, compositions, recording, sound design for your own projects

2003 - 2009

  • Foundation of the "MUSINUS" project

  • from 2005 autodidactic learning to play the guitar

  • afishnamedmo - Progressive jazz-funk band, founding member, songwriting
    1st place in the Rhineland-Palatinate youth jazz competition, 2003

  • Freemind - singer-songwriter project, founding member, songwriting

1998 - 2008

  • Sixpack - rock-pop cover band

  • swob. - Rock-pop cover band, founding member

  • Lazy bones - rock-pop cover band, founding member

  • Pianist Bigband Gymnasium Weierhof

1989 - 2003

  • Lessons from pianists




AVENTURIX is like music itself - limitless in countless tonal and musical possibilities. Professional know-how, high-quality instruments, cutting-edge recording and sound design equipment in high-end format, a huge collecton of sound libraries and almost infinite sound design options, as well as a high degree of creativity and versatility result in a universe of creative and tonal possibilities. Together with a customer-friendly, reliable and structured way of working, the success of your project is guaranteed!



Everything that can be discovered, created and developed in terms of sound is part of AVENTURIX's creative work. In terms of sound and style, AVENTURIX is therefore super flexible, versatile and exploratory. This means that AVENTURIX also looks for the spaces in between and for possible combinations between generally defined styles - provided that it is appropriate to the project goal.

From jazz, blues, rock, pop, funk to electro, ambient, classical, dark prehistoric vibes or historical music from Middle Ages, baroque etc. to cinematic soundtracks, fantasy, sci-fi, experimental music, atmospheric sound carpets and a wide variety of sound effects - EVERYTHING can be realized in high sound quality accordingly to the character and stipulations of the respective project. Of course, this also applies to cross-genre projects. This diversity is reflected in the demo song playlists provided here, which are structured according to their content.



The name “AVENTURIX” stands for my personal passion to produce, shape and arrange sound or “sound design creations”, mostly in the form of compostions (music) as well as atmospheres, in a wide variety of ways and thus to touch, delight, thrill or/and move other people in a variety of ways. The brand name AVENTURIX is composed, on the one hand, of the term "AVENTURIN" - a healing stone that has been viewed by the Greeks as a source of strength since ancient times and sewn into clothing or jewelry. It was used to implement brave, fresh ideas with energy and drive paired with optimism, which it was intended to reinforce. On the other hand, "AVENTURIX" also contains the Italian term "a ventura", which translates as "good luck!". Obviously, it also contains the English word "adventure" that attaches the touch of an "exciting journey to new shores" to it. Alltogether, these attributes of the brand AVENTURIX comprise an interesting mix, which not only enables an energetic and courageous adventure journey into unexpected musical and sonically creative realms, but also realizes it again and again in a wide variety of projects with (partially completely) different demands, requirements and results.

In 2004 Steffen Schlösser started with songwriting, sometimes as well in cooperation with other musicians. Under the artist name "AVENTURIX" he has been composing, arranging and recording songs and soundtracks for a wide variety of clients since 2010: from filmmakers and theaters to video game and radio play producers.
feedback is available here to read.


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